Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Modeling How To Do It

When you hit the New Post link (top right) you'll see a page that has

"Type/paste your first paragraph here (leave the next line as is)"

followed by some HTML code which makes possible the More just below (please click on it)
Just below that, you'll see text that says

"Type/paste the rest of your post here (leave the next line as is)"

followed by a very short line of HTML code.

The idea is to cut and paste your first paragraph above the first line of code and the rest of your post between the two lines of code.

This will generate an expandable post like this one and make the blog way more attractive to view.

It also helps readability if you have two returns (an empty line of text) between your paragraphs like this one.

BTW: ALWAYS edit your posts in the Edit Html tab of the Create window under Posting... the Compose tab generates ugliness when it comes to expandability.

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